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Bringing together medical students with an interest in oncology.

In May 2023, the clinical oncology undergraduate committee made the decision to retire the Undergraduate Oncology Societies Association (UOSA). The committee will continue to work closely with the British Oncology Network for Undergraduate Societies (BONUS) to grow the network of undergraduate oncology societies across the country, as well as foster connections between Internal Medicine Trainees (IMTs) and the Foundation Programme.

The British Oncology Network for Undergraduate Societies (BONUS) is a national network of medical students and junior doctors promoting medical, clinical and surgical oncology. BONUS shares the overarching objective of UOSA, to increase the oncology knowledge base of medical students in the UK, ensuring that on day one junior doctors have the necessary competencies to deal with patients with cancer.

The British Oncology Network for Undergraduate Societies:

  • Collaborate in national research projects which encourage active involvement from medical students. 
  • Organise research presentation evenings that allow students to present their research on a national scale – with prizes available.
  • Host career and education events delivered by senior clinicians across the UK
  • Connect university oncology societies nationwide to promote student-led events

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Twitter: @Bonusoncsoc
E-mail: bonus.oncology@gmail.com


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